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Joe’s Weather Blog: The Grind Of Winter

One of our readers commented to me yesterday on our twitter account (fox4wx) that it sure seemed like this winter has been more or less a long grind. It was in response to the tweet I sent out yesterday evening in regards to the fact that yesterday was our 31st day with high temperatures 32° or below since Thanksgiving and it was, including yesterday our 10th day in a row!

All pretty impressive…so I wanted to do research into seeing just how much of a grind it’s been this winter in terms of these cold high temperatures. So let’s continue the thought process above…and go with the time period from 12-01 to 2/10 (including today’s date) and calculate through the last 40 or so years how many days we’ve had with highs 32° or below.

So far from 12/1/2013 thru today we’ve had 32 days

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Bad weather causes national blood shortage

OLATHE, Kan. — There’s a huge demand for blood right now, and due to the bad weather 20 blood drives in the metro were cancelled this week. It’s a trend being seen across the country leading to big shortages.

At blood drive at redeemer Lutheran church in Olathe, in between Sunday services, worshippers donated more than just their time.

“Give blood here go to church and receive the blood of Christ,” said blood donor Jon Schmidt.

Schmidt says he gives blood as often as he can.

“I’ve been given this particular blood type and I figure one of the reasons is so that I can give and I’ve never has an issue with giving,” said Schmidt.

The American Red Cross says winter storms and freezing temperatures have led to an urgent need for blood; a national shortage.

Joe’s Weather Blog: Lots Of Cold To Go + Some Snow

Well it’s looking a lot like our more typical winter out there…trapped moisture with occasional flurries…this type of weather is common when you have a vast and pretty deep snowpack around the region.

As of this morning…some 67+% of the country is under a blanket of snowcover. With all the cold air in place and the refrigerating effect of the snow…it will be days before we see temperatures above 32°. Last weekend I was wondering when it may be…realizing that we were set up for a long stretch…right now it looks like the earliest maybe would be next Wednesday…perhaps next Thursday…we’ll see. We’ve been below 32° since last THU the 30th. At 7:53 PM the temperature was 33°…then at 8:53 PM it was 31°. Been below freezing ever since then…

For gun industry, women are the next big thing

BOULDER CITY, Nev. (CNNMoney) — Guns with slim profiles, pink stocks and glittery grips are aimed at one of the industry’s fastest-growing clientele: women.

“Make it pretty and make it purple,” said Tori Nonaka, a purple-haired competitive shooter and “Glock Girl” at the SHOT Show.

Nonaka and her colleague Michelle Viscuzi, an Army veteran, were selected by the Austrian gun maker to demonstrate and sell Glock guns to distributors at the extravaganza hosted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in Las Vegas last month.

Viscuzi has modeled for Maxim, but also competed on a History channel show called “Top Shot.” Nonaka started shooting at age 3 and has competed since age 12, racking up a slew of awards in gun competitions.

Metro singers among those honored with Carnegie Hall experience

OLATHE, Kan. — Terrific talent, hard work, dedication and a deep love of music are taking this week’s FOX 4 Young Achievers to New York City this week for an unforgettable musical experience. They get to sing at Carnegie Hall as members of an elite honors choir of some of the most outstanding high school vocal music performers in the U.S.

High school district and state music contests are looming large in the spring. So The Chorale, one of the advanced choirs at Olathe South, is tackling difficult music to impress the judges. Alto standout Veronica Wood loves the challenge — and the thrill.

“It’s like you can’t go without food and you can’t go without water, I can’t go without performing,” said Veronica. ”And so just the fact that I get to do it every day is just such a blessing for me.”

Working parents struggle to find care on snow days

OLATHE, Kan. — The phrase, “snow day” may mean the world to kids, but could be a potential nightmare for some parents.

With schools still closed due to the weather, many parents were scrambling to find a place for their kids as they headed back to work on Wednesday.

“They love it, and I had errands to do, and I needed a break,” said Leah Winkler, the mother of two boys. With all this snow, she says she didn’t have many options when it came to entertaining them.

Jennifer Ninen, the director of KidsPark Daycare said, on days like Wednesday, many parents are desperate as they juggle work and family.

“We had frantic calls this morning, ‘are you guys open? My work is open,’” said Ninen. “If their schools and daycares are closed, we’re really their only option. It’s a safe place for kids to come and have fun.”

Residents begin to dig their way out of snow

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The winter blast’s aftermath left metro residents digging out on Wednesday. With anywhere from six to 11 inches of snow, there’s plenty of digging out to do. Especially for snow crews trying to clear hundreds of miles of streets.

To many, it looks like a daunting task. Inches upon inches of snow blanketed the metro’s residential sidewalks and streets

“Is everybody okay at your house?” a woman called to her neighbor as they both shoveled snow.

In Grandview, a postman trudged through drifts to get to mail boxes on an unplowed street. The tires of his truck spun on ice, before he was able to move on.

At one of the nearby houses, John Taylor said he know the plows will get to his neighborhood… eventually.